How It Works


We focus on Success

Our entire process of Executive Coaching is based upon helping you obtain your desired results.  Effective Executive Coaching is a highly leveraged process which can provide a ROI of 500-600% in a few hours/month.  The majority of our Executive Coaching sessions are completed over the phone/Skype with email follow-ups.  With everyone’s hectic schedules and such a demand on your time, our phone/Skype sessions provide more efficiency (time and money), less chance for distraction, better privacy, and increased ease of operation.

We start with an “intro” session to determine mutual interest and make sure our profiles match up (see Executive Coach/Client Profile) to achieve the maximum benefits.  I have found that we obtain the best results for our clients with our Retained Executive Coaching Program.  Our retained program is set up on a quarterly basis which includes 3-5 sessions/month with each session being scheduled for 45-60 minutes.  As I previously mentioned, the sessions are conducted by phone/Skype with email follow-ups.  Our retained program also includes calls when necessary due to “crisis” situations.  I utilize the 7-step process outlined in our Executive Coaching Model with the flexibility to make adjustments to meet your specific needs.

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